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The four new CPT® Codes that enable Remote Patient Monitoring.

These CPT codes can sometimes be tough and confusing to understand. We've worked hard to make their requirements as clear as possible.

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CPT® code 99453

$22 Setup & patient education on use of devices. Can be billed one time.

CPT® code 99454

$65 Providing patient with RPM device for 30-day period. Can be billed once every month indefinitely.

CPT® code 99457

$56 Remote monitoring of patient data 20 minutes per month. Can be billed once every month indefinitely.

CPT® code 99458

$45 For an additional 20 minutes of monitoring on top of the requisite 20 minutes (99457) per month.

Our platform makes navigating the CPT® code requirements as easy as possible.

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Care Connection FAQs

How do I bill for RPM CPT® Codes?

RPM Codes are no different than other CPT Codes. Your billing team will simply include these new codes when billing for certain patients.

What is a CPT® Code?

CPT codes are the numerical codes used to identify medical services and procedures. RPM has four codes associated with it: 99453, 99454, 99457, 99458.

Who pays for Remote Patient Monitoring?

As of quite recently Medicare has waived all copays to do with RPM. This means that aside from the devices, RPM is subsidized by Medicare.


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