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All Cellular Devices.

No More Pairing Troubles.

Why deal with pairing bluetooth when you don't need to?

Blood Pressure Monitors

Weight Scales

Blood Glucose Monitors

4G LTE carrier agnostic devices. FDA approved and entirely cellular, BodyTrace makes some of the easiest to use devices. Blood Pressure Monitors and Weight Scales.

Smart Meter is a preferred partner with a full suite of cellular connected, FDA-approved devices. iGlucose Glucometers, SmartMeter Blood Pressure Monitors and Weight Scales.

Telli Health is a preferred partner. Cellular powered Blood Pressure Monitors.

Care Connection FAQs

Why are cellular devices better than bluetooth?

Cellular devices require no pairing which creates less usability problems for your patients.

How do the cellular devices send data?

The devices work like your phone works. When the device is able to find cellular singlal it sends over the relevant information to the Care Connection servers.