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The Most Intuitive Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

Patient Analytics

The Best Dashboard

Dive into patient metrics to better understand their health. Comfortably navigate through your patient population and support the monitoring of any number of patients. We built the best, most intuitive platform.

patient graph

All the patient info you'll need in one place. Auto timing and comprehensive health reports all make Care Connection the most inutitive platform on the market.

Feature Packed

All The Right Tools

A perfectly curated set of tools and reports to help make managing any Remote Patient Monitoring as simple as possible.

Everything you need in an RPM Platform. We keep it simple.

○ Patient Management
○ Patient Messaging
○ Billing Dashboard Support
○ Patient & Patient Population Health Monitoring

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Device Friendly

A Dashboard for Doctors & Patients

We believe that it's important your patients are able to keep track of their own data as well. Care Connection provides both desktop and mobile experiences for patients and clinical staff.

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Billing & Patient Management

Tables that help you monitor patient outcomes, manage patient outreach and oversee RPM billing.


Better Understand CPT® Code Compliance

Understand which CPT codes are billable for any patient at the end of every month.

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All Cellular Devices.

Care Connection FAQs

What is the best Remote Patient Monitoring platform?

Care Connection offers no minimum contract and no start up cost so you can get set up in minutes. Between having the most user friendly platform and a choice between all the best devices on the market, Care Connection is your best chance at keeping patients compliant with Remote Patient Monitoring.

Why should your practice have a Remote Patient Monitoring program?

Remote Patient Monitoring programs have resulted in improved patient outcomes along with increased revenues. Improve your patients' health while also supporting your practice financially.

How does remote patient monitoring work?

The short and simple answer is: A patient either takes their Blood Pressure, Weight or Blood Glucose reading for 16 days in a given month while clinical staff monitor those readings.

What if you get audited by Insurance?

Our platform provides audit trails and downloadable documents that outline every monitoring session, notes taken and patient reachouts. You will have access to and be able to download all relevant information. With Care Connection you will be prepared for any audit.


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