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code 99457

These CPT codes can sometimes be tough and confusing to understand. We've worked hard to make their requirements as clear as possible.

CPT® code 99457

$54 Remote monitoring of patient data 20 minutes per month. Can be billed once every month indefinitely.

Care Connection FAQs

What if I don't reach 20 minutes of monitoring in a month?

You are not able to bill 99457 for this patient.

Does leaving a message on a patients phone count towards monitoring time?

You must be speaking directly with the patient or looking over their data to count towards monitoring time. Leaving voice messages in not considered monitoring. The time it takes to write a text message does however count towards monitoring.

Do I get any extra reimbursement for going over 20 minutes?

CMS recently introduced a new code (99458) that reimburses for an additional 20 minutes of monitoring on top of 99457.