Improve Outcomes while Increasing Practice Revenue with RPM.

Care Connection’s HIPAA compliant web platform and cellular devices make it easier than ever to monitor your patients

What is RPM?

Medicare recently introduced 4 new CPT codes in 2019-2020 providing reimbursements for remotely monitoring patient's health. Patients take daily readings using a variety of cellular devices that record health data for review by a provider.


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Heart Disease


Pre and Post Surgery

Cellular Devices. No More Pairing.

Readings go directly from device to dashboard, creating a streamlined monitoring experience. No pairing. No data fees. Free warranty.

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Blood Pressure Monitor

Standard cellular blood pressure cuff that records your blood pressure and uploads readings automatically.

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Blood Glucose Monitor

Glucometer that automatically uploads blood glucose readings to our dashboard.

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Weight Scale

Cellular weight scale that automatically uploads weight readings.

Monitor Health Remotely. Built for Patients and Physicians.

A clinical dashboard for staff as well as a mobile view for patients.

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Patient Analytics and Patient Outreach.

Dive into patient metrics to better understand population health.

Billing & Patient Management

Tables that help you monitor patient outcomes, manage patient outreach and oversee RPM billing.

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Earning Potential with RPM

CPT 99453

$21 Setup & patient education on use of devices. Can be billed one time.

CPT 99454

$69 Providing patient with RPM device for 30-day period. Can be billed once every month indefinitely.

CPT 99457

$54 Remote monitoring of patient data 20 minutes per month. Can be billed once every month indefinitely.

CPT 99458

$42 For an additional 20 minutes of monitoring on top of the requisite 20 minutes (99457) per month.

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